Yandere Simulator v19.08.2016

Yandere Simulator v19.08.2016

Download Yandere Simulator v19.08.2016 PC Free Full Version

Download Yandere Simulator v19.08.2016 PC Free Full Version – Yandere Simulator is a stealth game about stalking a boy and secretly eliminating any girl who seems interested in him, while maintaining the image of an innocent schoolgirl

What is about this game?

Yang delle simulator, the boy is a stealth game about, while maintaining the image of schoolgirl innocent, secretly, any girl an exclusion stalker seems to have him interested.

What do you mean by “yandere”?

Girl of yandere seems, she is a lot of harm, seems to him are interested or kill, love other girls boys girls that are willing to threatened. Wikitionary can explain the origin of the word, and UrbanDictionary can provide some great examples.

What is the game play like?

Game play is similar to the Hitman series. You have a lot of NPC has been placed in the large-scale environment that is filled, you can track a specific target, we need to eliminate them. You can use the stealth accident that leaves no evidence to kill your goal without any witness staging, or just in order to massacre anyone that gets in your way. You can clean the corpse disposal blood, in case you do not want to destroy the evidence, the police to link you to the murder, might be able to arrest you.

Game Information :

Title: Yandere Simulator
Genre: Stealth, action
Developer: Yandere Dev
Size: 445 MB

Screenshot :


Yandere Simulator v19.08.2016

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